Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2010-05-01 Saturday - Lunch, Muddy Fun, Dinner

Saturday I went to Clayworks early to work on my porcelain pieces and there were very few people about.  I didn't get as much done as I wanted to (go figure) and soon it was time for Becky and I to meet Elaine for lunch.  We went to Villa Francesca and had a wonderful lunch while discussing some plans for future pottery sales.

When we returned to the studio, it was in the middle of Muddy Fun class and it was going strong.  Maggie, Ju-Ian, and Pete had it well in hand and everyone looked like they were enjoying it.

I had to run to get to our neighborhood home tour.  I came home and ran out with Karen to start the tour.  We missed one house on the tour because we ran out of time, but we talked to several neighbors about their gardens, their home additions, and decorating ideas.  Two people had some lush, wonderful ferns and I am going to get some from one neighbor on Friday.

Later on in the evening we met our friends Tom and Lisa for dinner at a new Chinese buffet.  Their son Daniel was with them, but their other son, Christopher was attending his prom.  I was surprised to find that Daniel was taller than me already (Christopher has been taller than me for several years too).  Dinner was fun and afterwards we went back to their house and watched Avatar on their big screen television.

I really liked the movie and would still like to see it again in digital 3D.  I have heard it will be re-released later this year in theaters and I will probably catch it then.

Becky and Elaine.

Animated (as always).

Maggie (right) helping a Muddy Fun Student.

A mostly full class.

Pete (middle) helping students.

Ju-Ian (right) teaching a student.

Maggie getting hands-on.

At the food trough.

Stephanie after supper.

Daniel hangin'.

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