Thursday, May 13, 2010

2010-05-08 Saturday - Part 2: Barn Sale

After visiting Renfrow Hardware and the Matthews Farmers Market, we returned to the Spring Barn Sale.  It was a beautiful day and I understand sales were pretty good.

Sylvia Coppola of Duck Creek Pottery.

Becky checking out Verna Witt's work.

Rae and Becky in Rae's booth.

Ralph (right) in his booth.

Corrine in her booth in the barn.

Missy and Lib Moss.

Ron and Sarah watching the crowds.

Ron making a fashion statement.

Ron's SmartWool socks.

Becky helping birds fledge from her booth.

Lisa in the other half of the booth.

Ro, Ron, and Ju-Ian.

Light through shotgun holes in the barn roof.


Linda Starr said...

Oh that looked like a good place to be, what a great show I missed.

Ron said...

Nice recap John. Fun to see all those photos.

jbf said...

It was a great place to be. There's another in October, plan now.

Thanks. I took lots more. Ahh, digital is so nice.

ang said...

cool peep at the sky through the floor!! looks like a great day..