Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2010-04-29 Thursday - New recycle bins

My folks left this morning after a Bojangles biscuit breakfast (the folks don't have Bojangles in PA and really look forward to their biscuits here).  I helped them load up the Prius on the tow dolly and they pulled out with their coach.  Sometimes guiding my Dad through the gate gets a bit dodgy, but we usually get through without incident.

It's a 38 footer.

Inside the coach.

We got our new recycling bins today.  Our old ones are small red basket-type bins and these are larger with a lid and wheels.  Starting in July we will be getting our recycling collected every other week instead of every week as it is now.  They are similar to the trash bin we use (the gray one in the foreground).

They pulled up in a rental truck with a lift gate, unloaded, assembled, and delivered them to all the houses.  I happened to hear them unloading and snapped a few pics.  How sad is it that this is the most exciting thing that happened today?


Penni said...

Gorgeous motor home!!!

We just had the same change with our recycling too, only our new bins are blue. The green ones are for yard stuff! At the time it was the most exciting thing going on here too. But you know sometimes that is a good thing! And yes it seems like a million years ago, but sometimes just like last week. Rob and I often laugh about how we could not picture ourselves this old back then!

jbf said...

When we were in HS can you imagine us having a conversation about what color our recycle bins are? Life is amazing in all it's excitement and mundaneness. So many of the things we thought were important and earth-shattering then, weren't and now little things catch our eyes and imaginations.