Saturday, May 1, 2010

2010-04-24 Saturday - Pottery and prom night

Saturday I went to Clayworks (you were surprised, I know) and trimmed some really dry bowls from last session.  Some of the usual suspects were about and had to leave way too early.

Saturday night was Stephanie's junior prom so after she previously spent six hours shopping for a dress, Karen took her to have her hair done on Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately it was rainy in the evening and her curls fell a bit.  I had the important task of picking up the boutonniere, which I executed flawlessly.

I know I'm probably a bit prejudiced, but I think she was quite possibly the most beautiful girl at the prom.

They're growing up...

Kim hard at work.

My overcrowded shelf.

June and Ju-Ian.

Stephanie getting her hair done.
(Courtesy of Karen's Droid)

Movie star.
(Courtesy of Karen's Droid)

Stephanie and Ted.

Full picture.

Stephanie decided to wear her sneakers until she got there.
Stunning, no?


Tracey Broome said...

Beautiful, and I love the sneakers, that would have been me. My daughter would have been in her jeans! BTW, I met some lovely ladies that know you at Shakori from Clayworks but can't remember their dames. One was a student of Julie's.

Penni said...

Your daughter looked beautiful! It was prom night here in our city tonite too and there were kids all over having their pictures taken. Brought back some great memories! My daughter wore sneakers with her wedding gown! She was going to be comfortable no matter what! Boy do I remember how my feet hurt on my wedding day from my platform shoes!

jbf said...

Thanks! Comfort trumps just about anything. You know us Clayworks people, we get around.

Thanks! There are prommers running around here every weekend right now. 'Tis the season. I can still remember The Manor so well after all these years, and that trip to the shore in morning.

Penni said...

Out here there is no shore to go to so they mostly have after prom parties at the rec center put on by the parents and volunteers. It goes on all night. These poor kids don't know what they are missing! That night at prom and the trip down the shore was such a great night!!!!

jbf said...

It was great fun, but the trip home was pretty quiet and I remember sleeping a lot the next day. It feels like a million years ago, doesn't it?