Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2010-05-08 Saturday - Part 1: Renfro Hardware and Matthews Farmers Market

While I spent most of Saturday at the Barn Sale, I went to the Matthews Farmers Market and Renfrow Hardware for the first time with my friend David.  He is a regular there so he showed me around.  He also showed me a lot of plants and gave me a lot of info about them.  It was a great time and I was very impressed with Renfrow Hardware.  You can get everything from a galvanized bucket to baby chicks.

David standing next to a fine sycamore.

From the back door, towards the front.

Baby chicks and ducklings.

A wall 'o tools.

Yard implements.

Gold pans.


Everything you'd ever need.

The obligatory dog sleeping under the desk.

Electric oven elements.

The front of the building.

Sharpening Service is now available.


Young plants.


David buying some organic vegetable plants.


Jerry said...

Wow. What a fantastic hardware store, I'm jealous. Shops like that are such a great resource and so much nicer to support than the big box stores.

And thanks for the sycamore link. We have a huge sycamore in our front yard that got hit hard by a fungus this year. The link re-assured me that it should be fine and put out new leaves in a couple of months.

Penni said...

Rob would love this place. He loves to check out new hardware stores! I like the baby chicks. A store out here sells them and baby ducks too. I'm lucky to get out of there without any, they are so cute!

jbf said...

I will be heading back to Renfrow Hardware soon. It was great. Glad the sycamore link helped. That really is a fine-looking tree.

Baby chicks are one thing, but ducklings really stink. A good friend of my parents hatched some when I was a kid. P.U.