Sunday, May 2, 2010

2010-04-27 Tuesday - Barn

Tuesday afternoon I went to the Quail Hollow practice rounds with my friend Jim, his son, Andrew, and his son's friend, Max.  We got to spend about ten minutes on the course before the horn went off to clear the course due to lightning.  We waited out the rain in the Mercedes pavilion and when the sun emerged we went back out and were told the golfers had all left.  There was a consensus to walk part of the course anyway and I am here to tell you, that course is amazing.  We walked for about half an hour and then got back to the car just in time as the next band of rain came through.  I didn't want to take my camera out in the rain, but Jim took some shots with his pocket camera and will email them to me.  I will post some when I receive them.

Tuesday night my parents were here and I had to take the girls to their riding lesson.  Unfortunately for them it was stormy and they had a barn lesson instead of riding.  We hung out in the barn and then headed home for pizza.

It's so hard to get everyone smiling at once.

Now it's Mom's turn.

Half price pizza Tuesdays.  Yum.

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