Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2009-10-25 Sunday - Clayworks

Sunday was a busy day at Clayworks. I got there at about 8:30 a.m. and planned on getting TONS of work done. I had to glaze some pots, and then I wanted to throw some large pieces and possibly paint some cone 5 work. I only accomplished the glazing portion of my plans --and I was there until 5:30 p.m. My glazing ALWAYS takes longer than I think it will, especially now that I am dipping, and then spraying several different layers.

Since the Clayworks annual meeting was taking place later in the day, I helped Maggie move equipment and tables. I changed some light bulbs (one of the curses/advantages of being tall), and helped moving more furniture. This was the first Clayworks annual meeting I had ever attended and it was great. Things are apparently going fairly well for such a down economy. Enrollment is up and we are in the process of looking for our own building.

I am constantly amazed at the people around me and Sunday was no different. They never cease to surprise me with things I would never have thought were possible.

When Adrienne was running down the list of requirements for the new building, one item almost knocked me off my stool: air conditioning. The plans are to have air conditioning at the new building. I had no idea that was even an option, but I will be taking full advantage of it in the future. Our lack of air conditioning makes summers almost unbearable in the studio. Lately my need to make pots has overridden my need for comfort, but it is usually like a sauna in the summer time. Between the air conditioning and the loading dock, I'm a more than happy camper. Exciting times indeed. Thanks, Adrienne!

One of the great things that was shown at the meeting was a new booklet featuring the history of Clayworks. It was obvious that Jan spent a lot of time putting this impressive document together. It's not only a wonderful thing to have, but also an invaluable tool when applying for grants. Thanks, Jan!

Ann was also responsible for bringing the home made red velvet mini cupcakes and the mini cheesecakes and let me tell you, they were phenomenal. I have been the happy taster of Ann's baked goods in the past and know how wonderful they are, but she really outdid herself on Sunday. Thanks, Ann!

Maggie mixing glazes.

Wares to glaze.

More wares to glaze.

Shari checking out her pot.

Elaine and Scott hard at work.


ang said...

now thats a plan ..gotta have a/c..

jbf said...

Oh yeah! I can't wait.

Linda Starr said...

can't wait to visit you all, thanks for the tour.

Vicki Gill, potter said...

Hey John, I talked to you and Ron Philbeck about the great camera you had at the Claymatters meeting last month. Wondering where you got yours from? Looking for one now.
The curse of being not tall is that you always have to find a tall person to help you get things off the shelf.
Thanks, Vicki

jbf said...

C'mon down!

I bought mine at with free shipping.

I understand about the height thing. I often help people at the grocery store with items from the top shelf. I'm shrinking; about an inch since high school, although I prefer to call it "settling".