Saturday, October 10, 2009

2009-10-08 Thursday - Clayworks

I went to Clayworks on Tuesday and Wednesday to handle some phoenix pots.

Thursday I was ready to put them on the greenware shelf for bisque firing and took a few pictures.

I then threw some new pots using orangestone. I am still working on some of those closed, flattened bottles. I also threw a fun bottle with decorations, a toothbrush holder a friend requested, and another form I just couldn't get to close. Instead of pressing the bottles when they are wet I am going to wait for them to set up a bit and try paddling them.

Still looking for a mug shape.

Small bottle from a small piece of leftover clay.

A casserole.

Another casserole.

The whole group for scale.

Fun bottle and toothbrush holder.

Ran out of clay on closing the first one.
Second one closed.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

CASSEROLES! Nice. Nice bottles and the rest too!

Amy said...

Those casseroles looks big-- Yeah!
I must say that I always have to keep remembering to scroll down on my blog list... as your new posts seem to turn up farther down-- sometimes days earlier!

jbf said...


Thanks, but they're not that big and by the time they shrink up they may only be good for warm dips. :8^)

Max said...

Like that small bottle!. Enjoyed the visit Sat morning. Hope it went well.

jbf said...

Thanks, Max. It was so nice of you to come out and see us.