Sunday, October 25, 2009

2009-10-21 Wednesday - Clayworks

The big gas kiln was firing on Wednesday and Greg was checking the progress of the cones and the reduction. I was lucky enough to be there and had my camera handy (go figure, eh?). The back pressure gave us a nice green flame coming out of the peephole. We do some pretty awesome reduction in that chamber and I have been one of the lucky recipients of the carbon deposits on more than one occasion. Flame on.

Greg checking the cone progress.

Reduction firing.

I also finished body work on my teapot. I am excited about this teapot since it is the first one I've done using a bamboo handle. Teapots are a lot of work and this one's got a ways to go yet. Body, lid, spout, handle, glazes, etc. Many pieces, many options, many variables equals many things to go wrong. Still, I need to make many more of them to get more comfortable with the process. Remember: It's all about the process.

Teapot with future bamboo handle.

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Amy said...

Nice! I like what you used for scale--- beer.