Sunday, October 11, 2009

2009-10-10 Saturday - Barn Sale

On Saturday Elaine, Becky and I took our show on the road again to the Carolina Clay Matters Guild Barn Sale. We had a great time, had a nice picnic snack, built a fort in case it rained, and even sold some pottery. I am truly blessed to have the best boothmates ever. We all work together to get things done and have so much fun it should be illegal.

I am always amazed at the talent that surrounds us and the barn sale is a showcase for that talent. When I visit a sale like this I can have one of two reactions: I can get depressed by seeing everyone else's work or be inspired and invigorated by it. I choose the second option and am planning on going back to the studio to create some amazing stuff of my own.

It's nice to catch up with so many friends and make some new ones. With fifty-four artists it's hard to get around to talk to all of them especially when you're supposed to be selling your own work too. I still try. There were quite a few people from Clayworks on both sides of the booths and we were well represented.

The turnout for the show was good but I think people are still uneasy spending money on non-essentials. My sales were fair, but given the economic uncertainty they were probably more like "good".

Elaine with her cool new shelves
that her Dad built for her.

My "yard sale" table.

Becky's new bird nest boxes.

Boothmates Elaine and Becky
(in our fort).

Verna showing her wonderful work.

I tried to get a picture of Sylvia,
but she was too busy selling.

Everyone had a great time.
(Especially if you brought your own Cheerios.)

Bob watching people
check out his amazing pots.

Chris and Robin enjoying the day.

Ro and Ju-Ian relaxing in the shade.

Ron and Sarah selling slipware.

Karen and Ralph kicking back.

Rae and Michael having a good time.

Lisa and David came to visit.


Becky said...

John, you always take the BEST pix! Thank YOU for being a wonderful boothmate and fort-builder too. :) If you are still thinking of a home sale, I'm interested.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaay! Nifty display you have thee :)

Jen Mecca said...

Heard you all had a great day and a super turn out. Great photo's as always John. Jen

jbf said...

I just take LOTS of them, so some of them have to come out right. :8^)


jbf said...

The turnout was great, the sales were good. Thanks!

ang said...

hey, there's no way that lil red mini brought all the shelves and props you guys use to set up your displays with... amazing setups...rose and i take forever just to set up 2 tables and a few small props...glad it was a good day..

jbf said...

I don't know whose mini that is, but I have a Dodge minivan and it gets filled up for shows. People take some time to make their displays look nice, but I just use my table and have an "early American yard sale" look. :8^) Thanks, it was a good day with good friends.

Ron said...

Good to see you on Sat. John, and everyone else as well! It was a good day. I may pinch that pic of my booth if you don't mind. Gotta get cracking.