Saturday, October 17, 2009

2009-10-17 Saturday - UNC Asheville

Saturday we went to UNC Asheville and took the tours. It's a a great school with a widely varied curriculum and a small student population. It's very highly rated nationally in several categories. They actually encourage students not to pick a major too soon so they will have time to try as many things as they want before settling on something. They also like it when students pick seemingly unconnected subjects, like chemistry and art. They are invited as undergraduates to pursue research in any field they choose. Another nice feature there is that even as freshmen they will be taught by faculty members, not graduate students.

I was VERY impressed by UNCA and wish I was going there. It seems like the perfect school for me since they encourage you to dabble in several different areas. It suits my A.D.D. perfectly.

It was truly inspiring.

After the tour Karen and I went to the 62nd Annual Southern Highland Craft Fair which was conveniently scheduled for this weekend. We saw inspiring work from many potters and lots of other crafts. I saw Steven Forbes-deSoule again and drooled over his work just as I did at the Mint show. I also met some potters that I have only known through their blogs up to now: Michael Kline, Joy Tanner, and Kyle Carpenter.

After that we strolled around downtown and hit The Chocolate Fetish for some delicious chocolate goodies. We also visited some galleries --one was in an old Woolworth's building (complete with lunch counter) and another was in an old JC Penney's. Nice re-use.

I love this town.

Michael Kline and yours truly.

Steven Forbes-deSoule and his raku.

Joy Tanner.

Kyle Carpenter and his gas/salt fired pieces.

The Chocolate Fetish.

Notice THIS sign...

Inside, it's all about the chocolate.

Karen looking around.

The lunch counter at the old Woolworth's.
(Brings back memories.)

The entrance to the old JC Penney store.

The statue man (who sings).


ang said...

what a treat looks like a great show..

jbf said...

Oh, it was!

Becky said...

Have always loved Asheville and its offbeat, quirky, artistic vibe. I'm glad you had a fine time there! I wonder if the Laughing Seed (vegetarian restauruant) is still there?

Jen Mecca said...

Lucky dog! What a great weekend you had! jen

Linda Starr said...

wow, thanks for the great photos and tour, I love chocolate truffles, can't wait to visit there.

jbf said...

It was great. We only spent a short time downtown so no report on the Laughing Seed. Sorry.

It WAS a great weekend. Thanks.

The truffles were amazing and I'm still savoring some New England Butter Crunch. There was one I was afraid to try: European chocolate and cayenne pepper center. I was told it went well with a good beer. Maybe next time...

Amy said...

Just read this post. Yes, the laughing seed restaurant is there.. it's one of my favorite! And, I did see the white man too.... he was standing on the corner somewhere and played his guitar when he received a tip. Fascinating!