Friday, October 2, 2009

2009-10-01 Thursday - Lids

I went to the Clayworks on Thursday with the sole purpose in mind of making some lids for the casseroles I threw the other night. I was also thinking about attempting some more of those flattened bottle shapes and I wanted to finish the lid for my crackle pot.

I threw one of the casserole lids three times because I kept ruining it. I guess third time's the charm... I wasn't overly thrilled with them, but I think they'll do better with a little finishing work. At least they are thin and light.

I had some clay left over so I threw some small, wonky bottles. I hate putting wedged clay back in the bag --it's like I failed or something.

The winning lid.
It raises the pot up whereas the crackled lid
didn't do anything beyond "ending" the pot.
(I'm going to fire the crackle lid too.)

(Beer bottle included for scale reference.)

Lid foreground, casserole background.

Same lineup, different pots.
On the right is the latest flattened bottle that ruptured.
I pushed the break back together.

Wonky bottles.
I hesitate to tell you that I started with an attempt
to make a small, traditional jug with a handle...
Oh well, at least they're light and even.


Linda Starr said...

Those are some nice lids and bottle you did.

jbf said...