Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday 2008-09-30

Sometimes I drop in on Ron's Tuesday night class. This week I was there for the bowl demo and I learned a lot about throwing larger bowls. Thanks, Ron.

Ron discussing Rick's bowl.
These guys get into their work --just look at their clothes.

I am trudging ahead toward my 100 pots, but I have no idea where I am in the numbers. I will try to get a count on them next time I'm at the studio. I am still trying new things every time I sit down at the wheel.

My "pods" sculpture.

Oh yeah, here's the top of it.

Another in what's becoming
my "forest gnome series".

I am working on a new lid form (thanks Rick!). Instead of the plain dome lid I've been making the new lids are cone-shaped and flip up at the edge. After trimming I add a "carrot" of clay and throw the knob onto the lid.

I could live to be two hundred years old and never try all the things I want to in clay.

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