Sunday, September 28, 2008

Barrel Firing # 4

Saturday was also another Barrel Firing (#4 for those following along at home) and although I was at the studio, I didn't have any pots to go into the fire. I'm glad I got to be present at the lighting, which is always a momentous occasion. It turned out to be the best firing yet as far as colors and contrasts on the pots. To see some of the great results, check out Becky's blog here and here. See Elaine's pictures here. Amy's pictures are here.

I'm sorry I didn't get a pot in this round, but I'll be sure to put some work in the next one on October 31.

The pots are prepped with everything
from copper Chore Boys to seaweed.

Amy is tucking her pots in snugly.

Cindy and Becky going to town.
Work, work, work.

I don't think Elaine likes newsprint.
I have several pictures of her rending it
or throwing it into the fire.
Not a judgment, just an observation.

While the barrel firing and Muddy Fun was going on. People were also getting other things done. Clayworks on a Saturday can be a busy place.

Ju-Ian was there and she gave me
one of her wonderful pots.
Thank you Ju-Ian, and I LOVE your Bubba Shirt.

Minke was there working away on
some of her beautiful sculptures.

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