Friday, September 12, 2008

Back to work(?)

I can't call it work by any stretch of the imagination --it's too much fun. I have longed to be back in the studio (as you know if you've been reading this blog) and this week it finally happened. Classes started again at Clayworks! It was wonderful.

I enjoyed it so much I went to my regular Wednesday class and the Thursday night class. It was great seeing everyone and catching up with their summers --and then there was clay, too.

The orangestone clay I was using was unusually stiff, but it was still wonderful. I just cone-wedged and wet it on the wheel (after adding extra grog). On Wednesday I was pleased with the first pot I threw after such a long absence, which surprised me. I threw several more and thoroughly enjoyed myself (and had a lot of fun clowning with everyone else).

I am going to try to make some garden bells this session (think wind chime), so I threw a bunch of them in different sizes. I need to try all different sizes and thicknesses to find out what sounds the best. It should be a fun project and I'm looking forward to seeing (and hearing) some finished bells.

I threw large, textured pots, some lids, various bells, some pods (closed, organic, pointed forms), most of them off the hump, and only lost one. Life is good. I finished my "free" bag of clay from my class (in two nights, a new record for me!) and bought two more tonight. I am serious about making some pots this session.

Lots of pots under plastic.

Bit closer detail.

More clay for next time.

Elaine, I've made eleven pots so far this week (not counting lids). Only 89 more to go. You'd better hurry back from the beach. It's on.


Amy said...

so hopefully, you'll start selling them if you aren't already. or, any ideas as to where to put everything one makes? they look great!

jbf said...

Why, do you want to buy some? I think we should wait 'til they're fired, though. ;^)

We have built-in bookshelves at one end of our living room and that's where a lot of my stuff is. One day that wall is going to fall out and kill the neighbor's cat or something.

Thanks. There WILL be more.

Elaine Spallone said...

I believe that is 89 more. No one's counting though John. No pressure in pottery!!

jbf said...

Oh it's all about pressure. When throwing pots, you have to compress the clay. The bottom, the rim, etc. Then there's the economic pressures of taking classes, the peer pressure applied to make 100 pots, and finally the average atmospheric pressure of 14.7 lbs per square inch, but at the studio we get a break. It's 14.25 lbs per square inch since we are ~850 ft above sea level.

Any questions? There'll be a quiz on Wednesday.