Saturday, September 27, 2008

More pots anyone?

"Still going..."

I just can't stop making pots. I was at the studio until 12:15 Friday morning and I was planning on leaving early. I'm all over the place and loving it all. I am throwing off the hump to expedite production and am full of confidence that when I sit down to make something, I just make it. It may not be the perfect vision of what was on my mind, but it's close. I think I can get most of the shapes I want with a bit of tweaking. It's a nice feeling.

The rogue's gallery.

The scene of the crimes.


doug fitch said...

Beauties John, like the dimples in the sides of that jar - tasty, look forward to seeing all these pots come through

jbf said...

Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot.

Becky said...

Love the confidence you're finding. I look at what you do and can't imagine ever getting to that point. Give me 8 more years and maybe? Sweet work, John. How were the Smothers Brothers?

jbf said...

Thanks. You'll get there and pass me by before you know it. Just look at the sculptural pieces you do. You capture the shape of any animal you have tried. I am not that person.

The Smothers Brothers were wonderful as usual. My sides still ache. At 71, Tommy is still the mischevious little boy and Dick is still trying to reign him in. Don't ever pass up a chance to see them.

The symphony orchestra played several selections by Leonard Bernstein and Leroy Anderson before Tom and Dick came out and the music was amazing (selections from Bernstein's Fancy Free) to evocative (Anderson's Last Rose of Summer).