Friday, September 12, 2008

Workshop tomorrow!

I am looking forward to the Peter Lenzo workshop tomorrow at the Rock Hill Pottery Center in Rock Hill, SC. I am fascinated by this man's face jugs. They are real sculptural pieces and then he adds layers of "found objects" on top.

Check some out here.

I was reading here that he is suffering from terminal epilepsy and is counting down to his last 100 pots. I am very moved by that, as I can't imagine putting a finite limit on my pottery. I'm sure it must be a painful thing to come to face. After all, we all have a limit --we just don't know which number it will be. Mr. Lenzo has defined his.

Learning of Mr. Lenzo and going to this workshop at this time is somewhat ironic since I have set a goal to make 100 pots this class session. I will be counting up while he is counting down.


Amy said...

that's great that you're going to the workshop. $ is keeping me away and gosh, you're really getting lots of pots made already! fun, fun. it's also good for me to learn things while reading your posts... like about saggar, terra sig, etc. thanks.

jbf said...

Money should be keeping me away too. Oh well...

Workin' towards 100.

Glad I could share a bit of what I've found out there. The stuff I know couldn't fill a thimble compared to the stuff I don't know I don't know. :^)