Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wednesday 2008-10-01

Wednesday night class: An old friend.

We always have a good time on Wednesdays. We've got a good group and we love to make pots almost as much as we love to cut up.

Greg's new hat accessory --what all the potters
in Paris are wearing this year.

All my current lids have been thrown upside-down off the hump. Unfortunately this leaves a large, solid bit of clay in the cone shape. After a discussion with Greg on Wednesday I tried throwing one right-side-up off the hump. Doing it that way it allowed me to throw the cone on top and close it up to make it hollow. Now I will trim the flange into the bottom of the lid which is completely backwards to me. Next I'll have to throw a lid and then throw a pot to go with it.

New lid in town.

More potential bells.
(I remembered to slip these.)


Amy said...

do you have a hat like Greg's? I'd like to buy one of your pots... the forms give me lots of ideas, too. they're great! I agree too, there's not enough time to make everything I'd like in clay.

jbf said...

NOBODY has a hat like Greg's and that might be a good thing. :^)

That's one of the great things about our studio --everyone feeds off each others' creativity. We keep pushing each other just by working side by side through a kind of inspiration osmosis.

As Martha Stewart would say, "...and that's a good thing".