Monday, October 13, 2008

Fifty eight so far

I hit fifty eight pots on Sunday. I spent five to six hours in the studio and threw seventeen pots and three lids. I'm still getting drawn into pots and lids with a lot of trimming and I need to keep my focus on the things I don't have to fidget with too much.

Clayworks was apparently the place to be on Sunday. People were coming and going and working all day. I had no idea Sunday was so popular and it was nice to see everyone and spend some time with them.

I found this guy on the deck right outside
my back door on the way to the studio.
He is scrunched up since I moved him,
but when he was traveling he was easily
as long as my index finger and bigger around.

Lot's o' pots!

Here's a bit easier view.
I'm definitely not a production potter.

I also picked up two pieces that were fired from the last class and I will get them on here soon.


Elaine Spallone said...

Yea Sundays!!! Wow you are in teh home stretch now!!!

jbf said...

I think I "stretched" my back on Sunday. Thanks for you kind words of encouragement.

Becky said...

That "guy" will be spectacular once he (she) spreads its wings and flies.

jbf said...

He (she) was pretty spectacular at this stage. I hope to see him/her later. (Kinda' like my kids. :^)