Saturday, October 4, 2008

Circle of Eight at Lark & Key

We went to the NoDa gallery crawl on Friday (first time in ~twelve years) to check out the Circle of Eight reception at the Lark & Key gallery. The presentation was wonderful and we caught up with Greg & Adrienne, Julie, and Ron --four of the Circle of Eight. Once again we just missed Amy with Guthrie. I ran out of the house and forgot my camera so I only got one picture with my cell phone.

Meredith, Greg, and Adrienne.
Nice face, Meredith.

I really enjoyed what I saw of the galleries, but the kids were hungry so we didn't stay long. We couldn't get into some places and in others they couldn't find anything they liked on the menus. We ended up at Mr. K's for some of their favorites.

I tried to expose the kids to some art, but I think Karen and I will go by ourselves the next time.


Becky said...

Fred & I saw y'all crossing the street from our table at Boudreau's. Great pieces from the Circle of Eight I thought!

jbf said...

Sorry we missed you. We tried to go to Boudreau's too, but the kids didn't like the menu.