Friday, October 17, 2008

Still at 58...

I didn't get a chance to throw any more pots Thursday, but I trimmed some more and made some more handles.

I wasn't really crazy about the handles I made on Wednesday so for the final three mugs I asked my friend Rick to show me how he does his. (He does AWESOME handles, just like his pots.) Rick graciously shared his time with me and gave me a great tutorial on pulling handles off the mugs. I didn't know about all the steps he uses to make those handles. I was doing it all backwards and I'm so glad he set me on the right track. THANKS, RICK!

I didn't bother photographing the ones I did on Wednesday, but here are the ones from Thursday. Check out those handles! Now I need to change my cup form to something I like better. Something with a bit more personality.

Check out these babies.

It's all about the handles.

I have been given so much great help by so many great people that if I live to be two hundred I will not be able to pay it all back, but I am very grateful --every day.


Ron said...

Nice handles!
Rick must have a good teacher.:-)
(plus he's been working on his mugs and handles for a year now and it's really paid off.)

jbf said...

Yes to all of the above.