Friday, October 3, 2008


After class on Wednesday night I decided to make a juicer, but I used too much clay. Greg and I decided it was the "Juicer of Death" since one could easily have juiced something the size of a cantaloupe on it. At first I thought I would keep it for the irony of its size, but in the end I mushed it. To illustrate the size of the JoD, on Thursday I took the clay from the JoD, added less than 1/2 a pound to it and made four juicers. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures of them, but they are resting nicely on Minke's top shelf (thanks Minke!) since I am out of room on mine.

I think I've mentioned this before , but thanks to Elaine's challenge of 100 pots I am making things I've never tried before (including juicers) and really stretching my boundaries.

During our conversation on Wednesday Greg and I decided that just about anything sounded better with "of Death" added to it (in a suitable Don LaFontaine baritone). Try it and see for yourself: The Turn Signal of Death, The Paper Towel of Death, The Tea Cozy of Death, etc. I think "of Doom" works well too.

Something else to think about today.


Elaine Spallone said...

The Barrel of Doom. Just wanted to try it out!!

I am cheering you on, do we have a count, btw? I think mushed Juicers of Death count.

jbf said...

It's only the Barrel of Doom to combustibles.

Oh no, not the mushed ones. Only the ones that make it to the end of the process. In pottery the process is all, the end product is a side effect. (Hey, that could make a good T-shirt...)

I hope to have a count Tuesday night when I get back to the studio.