Thursday, May 21, 2009

2009-05-16 Saturday Waxhaw Spring Fest

Saturday we (Becky and I) were in Waxhaw for the Waxhaw Spring Fest. It was a nice festival with lots of great food and entertainment and some crafts. While the sky looked ominous most of the day, it really only rained a small amount in the afternoon.

We had lots of people stop in and look at our work, but nobody bought a thing from us all day. It was discouraging, but we still had fun, well, because we have fun. Thanks to my great boothmate for making the day shine without the sun.

You can see Becky's pictures here.

The sky behind the sign says it all.

Becky during the setup.

Me during the setup.

Pots, pots, pots.

Great birds and cave art.

I wanted to take a picture of this kid with his blue face and asked his Mom if I could. As I advanced on him with the camera he wasn't quite sure about me. After Mom assured him it was alright, he lightened up a bit and then it was back into the cotton candy.

"Who's that big guy with the camera?"

"Are you sure, Mom?"

"Ok, then."

"Wait a minute!
You're cuttin' into my cotton candy time!"

Civil War battle re-enactment.

Becky and Susan catching up.

At the crossroads.

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Becky said...

What a weekend! Those pix of little boy blue (cotton candy that is) are priceless. It was a pleasure to spend BOTH days with you! Here's to Waxhaw in October!