Sunday, May 31, 2009

2009-05-28 Thursday Home and Clayworks

Thursday evening I put some more plants in the front yard. Some were rescued plants from Nick and some were from Grower's Outlet. We are creating quite a mixed bag out front. The coolest plants were the white ones that I got from Nick. They live in the deep woods on the roots of oak trees and completely lack chlorophyll. I hope they make it.

When I got to Clayworks I trimmed some more plates. After talking to Adrienne about my two-part pitchers she advised me to throw them as thin as possible. I decided to just try to throw some really thin forms and make pitchers later. Baby steps.

"Look Ma, no chlorophyll!"

"Us too!"

Their (hopefully) happy home.

The front natural area.


Trimmed plates.

Really thin pots.


Jerry said...

Indian Pipes...I love when we see those on hikes. Lucky you to have some at home, I hope they make it.

jbf said...

Cool! I didn't know the common name and can't remember the Latin one. I actually had to move them since I didn't realize the spot they were in gets a direct beam of late afternoon sun that sneaks in under a neighbor's tree. Cross your fingers.

Becky said...

Fingers crossed! Your yard is looking great! The plates are too!

jbf said...