Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2009-05-05 Tuesday Clayworks

Tuesday at Clayworks people were hard at work, as usual. I had to glaze a pot for the gas kiln because Julie and Ro were loading it. I got the pot glazed and even had time to help load the kiln.

My craggy crunch pot with spotted shino,
Rick's shino, and Alfred blue.

Julie and Ro hard at work.

"No, this pot should go there."

"We're almost finished!"

Ron checking in.

Ron and his great apron.


Rick's newest plate.
He draws great fish.

That building I always catch in different weather.


Amy said...

that shino piece really turned out great! i like its variation in color. hope the barn sale was fun!

jbf said...

Thanks! I like the variations as well. The Barn sale was fun, I just wish sales were better.

Linda Starr said...

Nice craggy crunch pot, and the fish plate is great. What is the building - that's another great photograph.

jbf said...

Thanks, I love craggy crunch. I will let Rick know you like the plate --he does great work. I really don't know which building that is, but I will get the name. I have taken lots of pictures of it since I can see it from the parking lot, it's well lit, and shows up nicely on clear, cloudy, or foggy nights.

Ron said...

Holy Crap those are goofy pics of me.

jbf said...

Well, you seemed to be feeling a little goofy at the time (like the rest of us). It's good to be goofy once in a while among friends.

Angela said...

That apron was CLEAN when I brought it in to class that night. I washed it when I did the towels for the studio. Geez.