Monday, May 4, 2009

2009-05-03 Sunday yard stuff

I spent most of the afternoon in the yard on Sunday. I am very late in getting my tomato plants into the garden and thought I would work on the bed before planting. I haven't turned my compost pile in ~2 years so I had some great compost waiting for me in the bottom of it.

I also had some unwelcome visitors --some larvae had burrowed up into my compost. I pulled over one hundred of them out while turning the pile and applying it to the garden. They would probably make great fish bait, but I have no plans on going fishing in the near future so they are currently living in a bucket of dirt in my garage. I will either use them as bait or feed the birds.

Turning the compost pile.

One of the visitors.

Bucket 'o Grubs.

The top-dressed future tomato bed.

The slightly cleaned-up bed with the oregano.

The long walk home.

The hydrangea are budding.

"I'm Binkley, and I approved this post."


Jerry said...

Rough post for me right after lunch. Grubs are one of the most loathsome things. Ugh!!

Put 'em out for the birds. They'll be gone before you know it.

Amy said...

Grubs... gross! Still glad it's spring though.

jbf said...

Amy and Jerry-
I didn't mean to gross anybody out. Just reporting the facts. The grubs will probably be on the bird's menu soon (and I will make sure not to post about it).

Wow, I'm glad I elected NOT to post a video of them...

Penni said...

John, Could have done without the picture of the grubs. Yuck!
But I have to admit you also made me laugh!

jbf said...

I honestly didn't think the grubs would gross everyone out. I thought it was interesting.

I'm glad about making you laugh. From the blog sidebar:
'"Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God."

-- Karl Barth'

Angela said...

Binkley gets a thumbs up from me.

cindablog said...

BInkley is a cool dude.