Monday, January 31, 2011

Statesville Video

I just saw this on the local news and had to share it.

Apparently, Statesville, NC  has produced a fun new video that incorporates most of downtown.  It was done with two run-throughs and only one take which is mighty impressive when you watch it's complexity.

Every time I watch it I find myself grinning foolishly. It just has that affect on me.

A bit of trivia about Statesville: John Dula was hanged in the town square on May 1, 1868 for the murder of Laura Foster. The Kingston Trio had a major hit in 1958 with the song "Tom Dooley" based on these events.

Friday, January 28, 2011

2011-01-28 Friday - Amazing Painting Technique

Brandon McConnell has an interesting way to create paintings.  I have never seen this technique before and it's fascinating to me.  Check out this video and go here to look at and/or order his work.

Happy Friday!


2011-01-28 Friday - Water Power

Never underestimate the power of water.

I saw this video about the Sandy River flood in Oregon on Open Culture.  It's a great piece of film work that really captures the power of raging water.

It's only three minutes long but it will stay with you far longer.

You can watch it here.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011-01-27 Thursday - Lupie's Chicken and Dumplings

Thursday I met my friend Vann for lunch at Lupie's.  As luck (or planning) would have it, Thursday is Chicken and Dumplings day at Lupie's.  We enjoyed a huge helping (because that's what you get there) and some good conversation.

And in case you were wondering,
hippies are always welcome.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011-01-26 Wednesday - Empty Bowls and tea bowls

Wednesday I got to take some pictures of some of my Empty Bowls that came out of the cone 10 kiln and some from the cone 5.  I've been very pleased with most of my bowl forms this year and the glazing has turned out consistently good.  I hope they go quickly at the event.

Empty Bowls is a great event that is fun for the attendees and benefits a good cause.  If you'd like to attend the event, you can order tickets here.  Get them quickly since they have sold out for the last two years.

Cone 10 bowls.

If you attend, look for this signature.

Shelley packing up the Empty Bowls.

Some of my cone 5 bowls.

More tea bowls.


Monday, January 24, 2011

2011-01-22 Saturday - Trimming

After the Muddy Fun classes, I trimmed the feet on some of my empty bowls.  I am occasionally getting better at making similar shapes when making multiples.  Sometimes I can make siblings, and sometimes they are only cousins.  Apparently when I made these two, I was in sibling mode.  I didn't realize it until I stacked them lip to lip, but when I did, I was delighted by the fit. 

There are good days and there are great days.


2011-01-22 Saturday - Muddy Fun!

Saturday was muddy fun day.  Two classes, 10-12 and 1-3.  Lots of enthusiastic students and volunteers, lots of clay, and lots of fun.  You just can't beat two hours of instruction in a hands-on throwing class for $10.  If you or anyone you know have ever thought about trying to make pottery, this is the way to find out if you like it.

The next Muddy Fun classes will be held on Saturday, February 5, 2011.  Check it out at Clayworks.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011-01-21 Friday - Kim Ellington Lecture

I was waiting for Friday with even more anticipation than usual this week since Kim Ellington was going to be giving a lecture at the Mint Museum on Friday morning.  He spoke about the history of North Carolina Catawba Valley traditional pottery

Thanks to Adrienne Dellinger, Burlon Craig's family has been my touchstone to this type of pottery.  It was fascinating to hear Kim talk about the history that led up to Burlon Craig and the path to the future.  It seems Kim has been concerned for some time that there were no young potters studying the traditional shapes and methods to take it to the next generation.  More than just sustaining the tradition, he wanted to see it grow.

He realized his dream when the head of Catawba Valley Community College contacted him about starting a ceramics curriculum.  That was the beginning of the Catawba Valley Potter's Workshop.  Kim, his son and a few friends built all the tables, shelves, and wheel tables using local lumber and really made an amazing space for the school.  The program is going strong and is taking on a life of it's own. 

It's great to know that people like Kim are keeping the tradition alive.

After the lecture Adrienne, Rick and I went for a nice lunch at the Vietnam Grille.  (Seems to be a trend for me, eh?)  While we were all in a hurry, it was nice to spend even a little while with my good friends.

Friday, January 21, 2011

2011-01-19 Wednesday - New work

Wednesday I cleaned up some pieces I had made earlier in the week and started some new tea bowls.

The earlier work consisted of some more of the "crackle pots" and bowls for the empty bowls event.  I need to explore the crackle pots further since I think there is more I want to do with them.  Stay tuned as I try to refine them, incorporate some other elements into them, and probably make some larger ones.

We had a discussion about tea bowls that got me inspired to try some new forms.  Rick was kind enough to bring in some of his collection to show us.  Greg shared his insight about them and (as always) stretched our vision to it's limits by commenting on the shapes, gestures, and glazes of each.  It always amazes me that I can look at something and like it, but not know why I like it until Greg dissects it for me.  He has a unique vision and I really enjoy him sharing it with us.

Crackle pots.

New tea bowls.
I really like the little notches and will explore those more.

Empty bowls.


Monday, January 17, 2011

2011-01-15 Saturday - Vietnam Grille, terra4m, Clayworks

Saturday three out of four terra4mers had a meeting at the Vietnam Grille.  I had my usual grilled pork w/rice vermicelli and pork spring rolls (someday I will have to try something else!).  Kim, Elaine, and I enjoyed a hearty lunch and planned terra4m sale dates for this year.  Alas, poor Becky was under the weather but I hope she mends soon.  Our friend Paul stopped by to join us near the end of our meal and we all had a nice time.

The food was great and there were many distractions so we got off to a slow start, but it always takes a bit to get geared up again after the holiday break.  We have some tentative dates and some plans for new ventures in 2011 along with a more substantial digital presence.  Stay tuned for that.

We had a long lunch, then it was off to Clayworks for some making.  After throwing several pots and decorating a few others I was in such a hurry to get home and make supper that I forgot to take pictures of them.  It looks like 2011 is starting out the same way 2010 ended.


I'll have to work on that.


Kim thinks so too.


2011-01-14 Friday - Sheet rock day

We had some sheet rock removed behind the washer and dryer that had been water-damaged before we bought the house.  There was some mold on it, but it appeared to have been there since the original leak.  Next we wait for the plumber to show up on Monday to check out the pipes and change out the old, rusty washer connection box.  It's amazing what's hiding in just an eight foot section of wall.

Remember when I was chopping holes in the ceilings back in October?
Mine is on the left behind the light.


2011-01-17 Monday - Catchup VIII

Wednesday was like a wonderland once the sun finally came out.  The whole world was made of crystal.

2011-01-17 Monday - Catchup VII

Saturday I went to the studio for a few hours.  During that time I made some empty bowls from recycled clay and a couple of pots from craggy crunch.  It felt good to get my hands dirty again.


2011-01-17 Monday - Catchup VI

We've got several pairs of woodpeckers in our neighborhood and I looked out on Monday to see one in our willow oaks.  This is one of the larger species I have seen around here.

There he is.  Can't see him?  Look at the next photo.

I've lightened this version a bit to make him stand out.

I like this silhouette picture.


2011-01-17 Monday - Catchup V

We spend a lot of time gathering at Uncle Scott's house for food and fun, and New Year's Eve was no exception.

Pop-pop, Aunt Eva, Karen.

2011-01-17 Monday - Catchup IV

Opening presents at Uncle Scott's in which we see Pop-pop's rain barrel and Stephanie's Batman apparel.

2011-01-17 Monday - Catchup III

Big ham dinner at Uncle Scott's house.  Everyone loves dinner at Uncle Scott's house.  He's a good cook, and a good dad and a good uncle and a good brother-in-law too.