Wednesday, March 21, 2018

2018-02-13 - Tuesday - Small batch

On Tuesday I did some slip transfers on a very small batch of Empty Bowls. One of them was my first attempt at a cut rim bowl. I need to explore that further.


2018-02-10 - Saturday - Bisque kiln

Saturday I loaded some cone 5 tea bowls into my kiln for a bisque firing. I loaded another level on top of this one, but didn't take a photo.


2018-02-07 - Wednesday - Empty Bowls process

Wednesday I got the first batch of Empty Bowls back from the kiln. I thought they came out pretty well. Now to get the rest of them done.

I also did some slip transfer work on another batch.


2018-02-06 - Tuesday - Slip transfer painting

Tuesday I did some more painting of slip transfer designs in underglaze. I will use slip to transfer the design to my Empty Bowls.


2018-02-04 - Sunday - Tomato

Stephanie and Brett came for a visit and brought their dog, Tomato with them. Tomato's bed is the size of  a small couch and he gets lost in it, but he loves it.


2018-02-03 - Saturday - I love Saturdays

Saturday was another Muddy Fun day. We had a good group of students and helpful volunteers.

It was a sunny day and Dusty took advantage of it.

At lunch I went to the Common Market where I had a Deschutes Black Butte Porter and a modified Evil Homer sandwich (using Vince's recommendation).

I really like Saturdays.


Monday, March 19, 2018

2018-02-02 - Friday - SBJ

Friday I purchased some Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter. It was very good as a dessert beer.


2018-02-01 - Thursday - Slip transfer

Thursday I used some of the new designs on the Empty Bowls. I really like the way the designs pop when I pull the paper off the bowl.


2018-01-31 - Wednesday - Slip transfer

Wednesday I worked on some more slip transfer designs for Empty Bowls using underglazes. I am really enjoying the slip transfer process.


2018-01-30 - Tuesday - Empty Bowls and crazy

Still working on Empty Bowls, I trimmed some more feet.

Someone said, "You have to be crazy enough." I liked it so much I wrote it on the white board in the members area. Someone else added the response. True enough.


2018-01-29 - Monday - New chair

In my office I have been sitting in an old conference room chair from the 1970s for many years. It was way past it's prime and I was going to end up on the floor someday (soon). I found a new one at BJ's Wholesale Club and the price was right. It's mesh and the arms fold up. I really like it. Yay.