Monday, August 15, 2011

Clayworks Open House

The Clayworks Open House is Saturday, August 27, 2011.  Please make plans to attend if you are in the area.  Click the picture to see all the details.


Sunday - Making

Sunday I got some time at Clayworks to trim a couple of pieces and throw some more.  I am experimenting with different types of alterations and trying to get back into mug forms at the same time.  It keeps things interesting.


Saturday - James K. Polk sale

Saturday I was part of the Second Saturdays Festival at the James K. Polk birthplace.  There was a small group of potters in attendance who were anxiously watching the skies.  The weather was humid and the attendance was low, but it was still nice to have a day outside.  I was in good company and enjoyed talking at length to my fellow potters.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday - Back to clay

These pictures are from July 29.  I finally got some photos of what I'm currently doing at Clayworks.

I'm working on a whole series of "rough" pots.  These orangestone pieces have lots of texture, sutures, and some have clay medallions stapled to them.  I will use very little glaze on them and keep the surface treatments simple.  While I haven't gotten to where I want to be with them yet, it's a good start.


("I think it's healing rather nicely Doctor...")

This needs more thought.

Next batch.

Unfinished lids for left-bottom two in the last picture
and an unfinished rabbit cup.


Thursday - Boardwalk

 It wouldn't be a trip to the NJ shore without time on the boardwalk.  Thursday night we went there to eat things we shouldn't and check out all the newest places.  The fog rolled back in as the sun set so it gave everything an ethereal quality.  The atmosphere didn't change the general goofiness of vacation, though as these pictures attest.

Bringing the Johnson's caramel corn container for a refill.

Or not.

Say cheese!

Or not.

St. Justin with his streetlight halo.
(Despite what Bruce said, it's not hard to be a saint in the city.)

Stephanie stuffing her gob with sugar.


Tuesday - Rain at the shore

While no one wishes for rain on a beach vacation, once in a while it's nice to enjoy a rainy day.  It slows everything down --no one's getting ready to set up camp on the beach.  In fact, nobody has anywhere to be.  Everyone finds a quiet corner to curl up in and relax.  Like everything else, relaxation comes in shades, flavors, textures, or however your perceptions interpret them.  A rainy day on vacation has a different aesthetic.  It's a more grey, soft, and womb-like feeling.  It's vacation; there's nowhere to be, no appointments, no schedules, just rain and quiet.  A wonderful time to read a book or just take a nap.

Rainy old pier.

Good food and good company.


Monday - Kicked Back

Forget those Corona commercials, this is the way to kick back on vacation.

View of the table.

View off the porch.

Looking in the other direction.


Sunday - Down the Shore

We arrived at the NJ shore on Sunday, July 17.  It was the start of our annual family summer vacation and is always a good time.

There was a dramatic moon rising above the waves with clouds drifting by above and below it so I took lots of pictures.

You can see more of the pictures here.


Monday - Independently Smudged

July 4th a bunch of us met at Clayworks to help Adrienne smudge the studio.  It was the first time I had witnessed a smudging and it was nice to be there for it.  After the whole building got some sage smoke, we celebrated with a champagne toast in the break room.

Later in the evening we went downtown to watch the fireworks.  We found a great spot in a parking lot near the show and enjoyed a good show.  The kid in me still loves fireworks.


Sunday - Patriotic Bagels

Every year for Independence Day Stephanie insists that we get red, white, and blue bagels and this year was no exception.  Looks appetizing, doesn't it?  (You should see the St. Patrick's Day version!  We do.)

Salute the bagel.


Friday - Happy Day

June also saw another celebration of my surviving another year.  As usual, Stephanie baked (and decorated) a cake for me.  It was a quiet family party with just the four of us.

A well-decorated cake.

Stephanie and Meredith waiting for cake.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Saturday - terra4m sale

It's been quite a while since I've posted here and several people have contacted me about it.  Some were concerned that something had happened to me.  Some were wondering if I'd lost internet access.  Some even were having withdrawal from my local news.  Seems there are actually people out there reading my ramblings.  (Go figure!)

To all who've worried about us, we're fine.

Sometime in June things just got really busy and I stopped having a digital life.  Once I stopped, it was easy to get out of the habit.  I haven't posted to my blog, I haven't read any blogs, and I haven't even logged into FB for a month.

Surprisingly, I've survived.

I'm sure I've missed a lot of good blogging and status updates, pictures and videos, new artwork and lots of fun, but I've just been too busy in the analog world to even think about it much.

To all my blogging friends, I apologize for not keeping up with your recent achievements.  I will jump back into the stream and wade into your lives once again.

To my Facebook friends, I promise to 'like' things again soon.

And now...

back to the 'catch-up':

On Saturday, June 16, we had our Almost Summer terra4m Sale.  It was a hot day so traffic was light, but it was good seeing the terra4m artists and all our guest artists and their awesome work.  I truly am awed by the talent of my friends.

My booth.