Tuesday, October 23, 2018

2018-05-09 - Wednesday - Altered and slipped pots

Wednesday I slipped and altered some of the pots I made.


Altered: side view.

Altered: top view


2018-05-08 - Tuesday - Blue-Eyed Grass

The blue-eyed grass is growing well and the ferns are happy too.

I voted in the primary. I didn't used to vote in primaries. I like to think I'm doing better.

I made more voluminous pots tonight.


Monday, October 22, 2018

2018-05-06 - Sunday - Mowing the lawn old school

Sunday I pulled out the old manual lawn mower. I haven't used it in quite a while and it still works great.

But I still have the problem with my socks coming off --especially the right one.


2018-05-05 - Saturday - Muddy Fun and slip

Saturday was Muddy Fun Saturday!

And I slipped some of the voluminous pots.

Film at 11.


Saturday, October 20, 2018

2018-05-03 - Thursday - Grass, chipmunks, pots, and fire

Thursday I went out at lunch time and cut the grass. My gait has changed so much in recent years that I constantly walk out of my right sock. I don't understand it.

The blue-eyed grass was in full bloom.

I found a chipmunk burrow. One of many.

The mostly native plant flower bed.

Thursday night I made some more voluminous pots.

Raku class happens on Thursday nights. Tonight was a firing night.


Friday, October 19, 2018

2018-05-02 - Wednesday - Modified Pots

I decided the pots from last night were too boring so I decided to play with them a bit. We'll see.


2018-05-01 - Tuesday - Lunch and Other Things

Tuesday I went over to my friend Herb Cohen's house to help him with some printer problems he was having. After getting the printer problems sorted, Herb offered me lunch. We had a delicious meal made better by good company.

On the way home I decided to check out our park. I was told that the playground equipment was gone and I found out it was.

Tuesday night I threw some voluminous pots.


Thursday, October 18, 2018

2018-04-28 - Saturday - Jackie's First Collector's Piece

I went to the Thrown Together Sale on Saturday and bought more than I should have. What else is new?

While there I met up with my friend Jackie. I was present when she bought the first piece of pottery for her collection so I had to document it.

Jackie and Ron.


2018-04-22 - Sunday - Art on the Green, day two

Day two started out very gray and iffy. It cleared up nicely and it was a good sales day.

At the end of the sale I was frantically trying to get my booth broken down and packed up since there was a concert on the green after the sale. In the end I was only able to get out of the way with the help of Celena (pictured here in the booth behind mine) and some of her friends. They grabbed the last load of stuff off the green and carried it to my van before the concert started. It would have been very awkward without their help.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

2018-04-21 - Saturday - Art on the Green, Davidson

Saturday I set up my booth for Art on the Green in Davidson. It's a two-day show with lots of great art and artists.

Later that night I took a photo of Cate Blanchett off the television screen in the Hobbit. I love the mirth and joy in her eyes in this scene. There's also a little bit of the wild forest in there too. Amazing actress.


2018-04-20 - Friday - Cheez Waffles

I stopped by Harris Teeter on Friday and found an oddly bent cart in the line-up. It had a graceful curve pushed into it and it fascinated me for about 60 seconds. Life pushes you past things like that, but I thought I would grab some photos to try to capture it. The curve just changed the everyday into something different and I wanted to absorb it.

Who remembers Cheez Waffles? I'm pleased to tell you they are just as good/bad as you remember them.

Later, we went to Taipei South for supper.

I think everyone is more influential than they think they are. I have had several people repeat back to me some offhand comment I said to them in the past that they took to heart. It's amazing to me that people actually take me seriously outside of my day job, and listen to what I say.

Speak carefully and thoughtfully.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

2018-04-18 - Wednesday - Josh Copus

Wednesday I went to the Mint Museum on Randolph Road to hear Josh Copus talk about his art, life, and philosophy. It was very nice to see him again and also to meet his fiance, Emily.

As you'd expect, the talk was energetic, passionate, and informative. Josh's personality is bigger than one person can normally contain. He is an endless font of energy and it energizes you when you're around him.

It was a great talk.


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

2018-04-14 - Saturday - Contrails to slip trails

When I walked out Saturday morning I was amazed at the number of contrails criss-crossing the sky. We have a lot of jet traffic.

It was Muddy Fun Saturday at Clayworks!

I worked on some tumblers I have a special order for.

Then I added some slip to the voluminous pots I made the other night.


2018-04-13 - Friday - Spring ferns

The Christmas fern fiddle heads are up, and the lady ferns growing happily this spring. Have I mentioned how much I like ferns? I thought so.


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

2018-04-11 - Wednesday - Exercises in volume

Volume, since:

We throw clay to shape a pot,
But the utility of the clay pot is a function
of the nothingness inside it.

- Tao Te Ching: Chapter 11


2018-04-10 - Tuesday - Fortune

I'm ready for that, unless there are cannoli in the car.


Monday, October 1, 2018

2018-04-07 - Saturday - Clayworks Spring Sale

Saturday was the second day of the Clayworks Spring Sale & Open House. Here are some photos of my pots on display.