Monday, June 30, 2014

2014-06-20 - Friday - Direct hit and fortune

The porch has only been finished for two days and we took a large, messy hit already.  I don't know what this bird was eating, but the velocity pushed it right through the screen onto the window.  I had to take the window out of the frame to clean it, but it's as good as new.

Nature...  it's everywhere.

Direct hit.

We went out to eat on Friday night and I got an interesting fortune.

Who will it be?


2014-06-19 - Thursday - Driving back from Lumberton

I was treated to a dramatic sky on my way back from Lumberton.  Below is a photo and a short video.  If you watch the video, pay extra attention at around 0:27.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

2014-06-18 - Wednesday - Porch finished and kilns

The porch as completed on Wednesday.  We have windows and screens.  I put the table and chairs together and we are waiting for the rest of the furniture to arrive.  We will be enjoying this soon with friends.

Wednesday night we did a raku firing at Clayworks.  I didn't have anything to fire, but enjoyed being there for it anyway.

We also fired the cone 10 gas kiln and I caught these extremely green flames going up the flue during final reduction.


2014-06-17 - Tuesday - Porch, Binkley, and the chipmunk

Tuesday the windows and screens were delivered for the porch.  We're nearing the home stretch now.

The windows and screens are a single unit and the windows are made of vinyl.

When it's hot Binkley really likes to stretch out
on the concrete and get some sun.

I walked past the front door today and I heard a rhythmic chirping.  When I looked out, there was a lone chipmunk on the steps staring at the door so I grabbed some video through the side window.  He looked like he was selling something but when I opened the door he just took off.  Must be shy.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

2014-06-15 - Sunday - Father's Day gift

Stephanie and Meredith gave me a photo mug for Father's Day.  I really like the photos on it and am pleased that they were comfortable enough to have fun with them.

I apologize for the auto-focus on my phone, but please be patient and it will eventually focus.


2014-06-14 - Saturday - Meredith and Breeze in the ring

Saturday we went back to DelVal so Meredith could show us some ground work with Breeze.  He walked when she walked, trotted when she did, and stopped, turned, and went again when she did --all without touching him.

She asked us to bring her a sandwich and Breeze was very interested in it.

This horse has a lot of personality and it was a lot of fun watching Meredith work with him.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2014-06-12 - Thursday - Graduation

On Thursday evening we attended Ryan's graduation ceremony.  He was one of over five hundred graduates so it took quite a while to get through the line and that was after all the speeches were made.

It's a joy to celebrate milestones with the people you care about.

Ryan is on the left center aisle, sixth row from the front.

There he is.

And while people are still filing in
we see his commentary on the proceedings.

Each photo was shown on the screens above the stage...

...while the graduate made their walk.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2014-06-12 - Thursday - Meredith and Breeze

Thursday morning we went to school with Meredith so she could show us her favorite horse.  Breeze is like a big puppy --a big puppy who likes to lick everyone.

He really does have a lot of personality and I can see why Meredith likes him so much.


2014-06-11 - Wednesday - PA trip

Time flies like an arrow --fruit flies like a banana.

...back to catching up.

Wednesday we left for PA to attend our nephew Ryan's high school graduation.  Meredith is already in PA and Stephanie flew from Asheville to Philadelphia so it was just me and Karen driving like the "old days".

We stopped in the Virginia welcome center rest area for a pit stop and found this.

I guess it's true that "Virginia is for lovers" --or for large metal signs.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

2014-06-06 - Friday - Porch and raku

Friday the electricians came back and installed our fans, lights, and switches.  Now we just need screens and windows to complete the job.

Binkley was worn out after his inspection duties.

Friday night we had a community raku firing at Clayworks and while we had a light turnout, we had a lot of fun.  Everyone brought good food and good spirit.

Raku firing is a dramatic event and there's always a buzz of excitement running through it.  There's the act of working with red hot pots straight out of the kiln.  Whether it's spraying crackle glazed pots with water, applying horse hair to bare pots, or rushing to get a luster glazed pot into the can before it can oxidize, it's a ballet that's carefully choreographed.  Everyone is in the moment while working with these serious materials.

The instant gratification of getting a pot back from the firing within an hour is exciting by itself.  The wonder of what comes out of the cans is palpable.  It's almost never what you expect, but always dramatic.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014-06-05 - Thursday - Carved pot

Thursday I carved the round pot.  I really carved it.  We'll see what the glaze does.


2014-06-04 - Wednesday - Lidded jars

Wednesday I trimmed the lids and jars.  There are a few more tweaks needed and then it's off to the kiln.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2014-06-03 - Tuesday - Finished painting

Tuesday the painters came back and finished the final coats of paint.  It really makes a stunning difference compared to the bare wood.

The blue ceiling looks darker in these photos than it does to my eyes.  Cell phone cameras are great, but do lack some adjustments.

Now we're just waiting for the electricians and the screens and windows.