Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010-08-26 Thursday - Clayworks

Thursday I went straight from work to the studio, so I didn't have my camera and had to use my cell phone so let me apologize for that right up front.  I made some small knob-n-alls, trimmed some pots and slipped the frog pot.


The latest frog pot.

The other side of it.

The leaf pot with the frog pot in the background.


2010-08-24 Tuesday - First day of school

Tuesday was the first day of school and as usual I took a photo of the girls for the first day.  I mentioned that I was sad this would be the last time I would have a "first day" photo of both of them since Stephanie was going to be in college next Fall.  While the ending of a tradition was leaving me feeling a bit sad, Stephanie gave a big "Whoop!" and Meredith said, "Lucky!".  Different emotions from different perspectives...

Stephanie (with her car keys) and Meredith.


2010-08-21 Saturday - Barrel Firing

Saturday saw another barrel firing and the maiden voyage of the new barrel.  Becky and Kim used several different things to add color to their pieces and carefully built the layers in the barrel.  One of the things added to the mix was kindling from the "lightning tree".  Becky had wood from a tree that was splintered by a lightning hit and it really was fragments. 

It was an "OK" firing as some things came out well, but others didn't.  You never know exactly what's going to happen in the barrel.  Once the barrel was started and the raku kiln was firing merrily I went into the studio and started making some pots.

Becky and Kim loading the materials.

Part of the lightning tree and some other kindling.

White bag: dried cow pies, black bag: wood shavings.
(Yes, I said "dried cow pies".)

Seaweed I dragged back from the shore.

She's loaded and ready to light...

... and there she goes.

A leaf pot (thanks, Ju-Ian!).

A frog pot (ditto).


2010-08-20 Friday - Greg's Opening at 360

Friday was Greg's opening at Shelley's 360 gallery.  He had quite a few pieces of two and three dimensional art on display.  It was a "soft opening" of sorts so if you would like to see this work and more please visit the 360 gallery on September 17.  It's very hard to photograph two dimensional art so these photos really don't do justice to the artwork.

Greg, Carol (Shelley's Mom), Meredith and Stephanie.

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2010-08-13 Friday - Goodbye to the shore

Friday was the day we were leaving the shore.  It was a fun week, but always too short.  I got up early (5:45 am) to try and catch a sunrise and boy, did I.  It was a dramatic sunrise due to the clouds and while the sun wasn't really visible, it sure made an impression on the clouds.

I went out by myself to take some pictures and inadvertently locked myself out of the house.  I didn't realize I had done it until I tried to get back in after taking my pictures.  I couldn't get anyone to come let me in since they were all sleeping so I had a lie down on one of the chaise lounge chairs to wait for someone.  It was surprisingly chilly out there after about 30 minutes.  Luckily I heard somebody open the sliding door and I jumped up to find my wife's sister and brother, Eva and Scott.  They thought I had gone out to spend some quiet time on our last day.  Not really, but hey, I got back inside the house.

 Angry sunrise.

 A little closer.

Last sweep.

Monday, August 30, 2010

2010-08-03 Tuesday - NASCAR Speed Park

I have fallen way behind again on posting, so please bear with me while I catch up on a few days.
Before we even went to the shore, my friend Tom and I took our respective kids (who not so little anymore) to the NASCAR Speed Park at Concord Mills.  Tom tries to take the boys up there every summer and we don't know how much longer they will want to go there, so we have to take advantage of it while it lasts.
We had a nice time and ate at the food court, played some video games and spent some time just being kids.  Now Christopher is off at college and Stephanie will be going next year, so who knows when we'll be back there.

Me, Christopher, Stephanie, Tom, Meredith, Daniel.
Meredith, Stephanie, Daniel, Christopher.

Friday, August 13, 2010

2010-08-11 Wednesday - Ocean City, NJ

Another day of walking the beach and another night on the boardwalk.  The trip to the boardwalk held some added adventure since Justin and Stephanie got their ears pierced.  A big step for both of them.  Justin got a "regular" piercing in his left earlobe, and Stephanie got a ball stud in the upper cartilage of her left ear.  We started out at Kohr Bros. for some frozen custard and ended up at Beach Jewelry for the piercings.

This is an odd treat that we tried and turned out to be pretty good.

Justin mugging for the camera and Ryan eating his cone.

Stephanie and Justin laughing about something.

John takes any chance to see his Phillies play.

Walking the boards.

The boardwalk.

Marking the spot.







Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010-08-10 Tuesday - Ocean City, NJ

Tuesday started with an early morning trip on the Duke O'Fluke for some flounder fishing.  We had a good time as always, and although we hauled in a good share of fish, no one caught a keeper.  NJ regulations require a flounder to be at least eighteen inches long.  We caught more juveniles than I've ever seen on the Duke along with lots of sea bass, sea robins, sand sharks, spider crabs, and I reeled in a blue fin crab.  This is the first year I've seen people pull in crabs and also the first time no one caught a skate.

In the late afternoon/early evening the kite surfers came out on the beach and we enjoyed watching their acrobatics as the sun went low.  I marvel at the coordination required to kite surf: keeping yourself as the fulcrum between the wind and the water and achieving all those jumps and stunts is simply amazing.

Kite surfing in the waves.

Cruising around.

This guy popped up in the air, took off his board,
spun it 360 and put it back on before landing.

Jumping the waves.

Another jump.

Looks like fun, no?

Here are some videos I shot while watching.  Fun stuff.

Simple ride.

Couple of wipeouts.

Nice ride.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010-08-09 Monday - Ocean City, NJ

Monday we spent a lot of time walking the beach and then came back and had a nice hamburger and hot dog dinner.  Once that was cleaned up we headed to the boardwalk for some frozen custard and caramel corn.  While they're getting a bit big for some of the rides, the kids still love going to the boardwalk.  Traditions.

Supper time!
Stephanie, Audrey, John, Eva, and Scott.

Frozen custard for Eva and Audrey.

John, Scott, Eva, and Audrey.

There's ALWAYS a line at Kohr Bros.

Meredith, Justin, Stephanie (with popcorn bucket on head), and Ryan.

The people working at Kohr Bros. can handle multiple cones.

Audrey and Eva, Ryan, and Meredith (blurring out of frame.)

Ryan, Justin, Scott, Stephanie (still balancing), and John.


Monday, August 9, 2010

2010-08-08 Sunday - Ocean City, NJ

Sunday was our first full day in Ocean City, NJ.  It's not my NJ since it's at the wrong end of the state, but it's great to be here again with my in-laws.  We always have a great time and the weather looks like it's going to hold out for us.

We are on the beach again this year after a long break of being across the street and the view of the surf from the back porch is amazing.  I always forget how loud the surf is and I was reminded again this morning.

Old pier from the back porch.

View off the back porch.

Some beach-goers on the other side of the dune.

Morning sun on the water.

The surfers were out early.

A rabbit showed up on the back deck and he was pretty tame.

More early morning beach-goers.

A closer view of the rabbit.

The rabbit at ease.

Later in day, everyone relaxing in the living room.

Surfers everywhere.


The view down the row of houses.

Chasing the waves.

More instructional signage.

Evening brings ice cream.

Uncle Scott enjoying his cone.

Justin, Scott, and Audrey.

Sack O' Subs sign.

The view reflected in my van window.

The trolley bus.