Friday, May 15, 2015

2015-05-08 - Friday - Stephanie's graduation preparation

Friday we all converged on Cullowhee, NC for Stephanie's graduation from Western Carolina University on Saturday. We gathered from Charlotte, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Some came by plane, some by car, and some by RV, but we all came to share the joy of Stephanie's accomplishment.

Friday was also Scott's 50th birthday so we had a cake and celebration for him. He likes lemoncello so we got him a lemoncello cake from Just Simply Delicious Cakes, Desserts, & Confections in Waynesville, and it was wonderful. Debi does all kinds of specialty cakes, too. Check out their website.

Everyone had a good time and things got a bit silly --as usual.

Relaxing after a long trip.

Stephanie has a balloon baby.

Yum... lemoncello.

The birthday boy.

One candle is all you need.

Horseplay is normal.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015-05-01 - Friday - Carolina's Got Art

Friday I was one of several volunteers who helped out with the opening of the Carolina's Got Art show. We tended bar to support Carolina's Got Art and Clayworks at Elder Gallery. Larry Elder was kind to let us promote Clayworks during the event and we did.

We got to use our brand new banner (Thanks Steve!), take donations, and have some fun with the people viewing the show.

There was also a band playing on the other side of the door from where we were and they sounded very good. You could tell they were having a great time playing together.

The Carolina's Got Art show will be up at Elder Gallery for the rest of the month so go check it out. Next month we'll do it all again for the new, separate ceramic show.

Serious servers.

More indicative of the mood of the evening.

The band played on.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

2015-04-30 - Thursday - Texture for two

Thursday I made two smaller pots with lots of texture. They are part of my garlic pot series. I enjoy making these and I hope it shows.


2015-04-29 - Wednesday - Large bowls

Wednesday night I worked on some large bowls by request for a friend. I haven't made large bowls like this before so I made three as insurance.


Friday, May 1, 2015

2015-04-27 - Monday - New lenses

On Sunday I received a new clip-on lens set for my cell phone that I ordered from Amazon. Yes, I said it was delivered by the USPS on Sunday. When I saw the estimated delivery date on the tracking screen I thought there must be some mistake, but when I refreshed the screen on Sunday afternoon it said it was delivered to the front porch at 11:17 am. I went to check, and sure enough, there it was. Who knew?

I had ordered some other items and added the lenses to the order as they were only $6.99. I figured for $7 how wrong could I go?

There are two lenses: a macro, and a 0.67x wide angle. The macro does a pretty good job as you can see below from photos of my fingerprints. It only achieves focus in the center of the field, but hey, it's  a $7 clip-on.

When you attach the wide angle to the macro you get a wider field. In this case, it makes the monitor look distorted like a fish lens since it's so close. I'll have to try it out in an open area. As you can see, there is some rounding of the photo edges due to the shape of the lens clipped over the camera lens, but once again for $7 I'm not going to get upset about it. Out of the two, I can see more use for the macro lens. We'll see.

My fingerprint.

When did I get so old?

Wide angle.