Thursday, December 22, 2016

2016-12-10 - Saturday - Holiday Sale

Saturday was the Goneaway Pottery Holiday Sale. Becky, Ju-Ian, Judith, and Elaine joined me for a chilly day in the garage. When we started, it was 24 F and only went up to 44 F for the high. We ran the propane heater, but it couldn't warm up the whole garage, so we spent some time gathered around the heater.

We had a steady stream of customers all day and good fellowship, snacks, and music.

My setup.

Ju-Ian, Judith, and Elaine.

The ever-popular snack table.

My friend Edson took this photo of me.

While we were having the sale, Stephanie was doing the Girls on the Run 5k with kids from her school. She's a coach for the program this year and we're very proud of her. Karen went with her and snapped this photo.


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