Thursday, December 22, 2016

2016-12-08 - Thursday - Bricks and eggs

Thursday we had some work done on the brick veneer of our house. We had several cracks and some mortar was missing from the side door step.

This corner was the worst, with the veneer separating on both sides of the corner (I forgot to take 'before' photos) and leaning out about 3/8". When it was opened up there was a bunch of mortar that fell down between the wall and the bricks during installation and no tie-backs anywhere. That has been remedied and things look a lot better now.

Gregory Allen did the work and he did a great job.

Removing bricks and mortar and straightening the wall.

Adding tie-backs and tie-ins.

Fixing cracked mortar.

Thursday night we had breakfast for supper and I noticed that either these eggs looked really unhappy or they were the energy creature from Johnny Quest.

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