Sunday, March 20, 2016

2016-03-14 - Monday - Stump and kiln unload

Monday the guys came back and finished trimming the other trees. The stump grinder came and took out the stump of the maple tree. His machine was completely remote controlled and he did a good job with the stump and the larger roots. Unfortunately, taking out the roots created quite a mess. We knew it would, but we wanted those roots out of there.

Monday night Kim and I unloaded the gas kiln at Clayworks and we were very pleased with the results. One of our artists put a saggar filled with sawdust in the bottom of the kiln. The burning sawdust introduced a lot more carbon than usual into the kiln atmosphere and the pots came out very juicy and rich.

The back stack.

My pots.

A juicy drip of beer bottle glass.


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