Thursday, March 3, 2016

2016-03-01 - Tuesday - Clay

Tuesday I ran by Clayworks after lunch and loaded a bisque kiln. Work has been piling up on my shelf since before the holidays and it's time to push ahead.

Bottom layer.

Top layer.

I went back later in the evening to work on pots.

My friend Vince found another of my Empty Bowls on the shelf that hadn't been glazed so I finished that up last week and it magically appeared on the finished shelf after firing.

Keeping an eye on you.

I trimmed up the tea bowls from last week. I was going to throw some more, but it was late and I cleaned up and left. Tomorrow's another day.

Trimmed and signed.

This is my signature on tea bowls and has been for several years. I like it since it's a bit different, and it allows me to glaze inside the foot ring.
My signature on tea bowls.


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