Friday, March 4, 2016

2016-03-03 - Thursday - Bisque kiln and more

Thursday night I was settling in for the night and ready to skip going to Clayworks when I suddenly remembered I needed to unload the bisque kiln. Oh well, back out into the world I went. It didn't take long to unload the kiln and I spent some time catching up with some of the students, instructors, and studio artists. The evening quickly flipped from a chore errand to a nice visit with friends.

I find that kind of flip often happens if I let it. I start out dreading a task and there is usually a way to turn it to a positive thing if I just give it a chance. Flip it on it's head: I don't have to go to the studio for some menial chore; I get to go to the studio and see who's there and what my friends are creating.

I am constantly amazed at the creative energy that flows through the people at Clayworks. It's both familiar and disrupting. It makes you stretch your parameters to embrace the breadth of the ideas in process. It's so many creative people going in so many different directions at once, and they're all starting from the one thing they have in common: clay. After that starting point all bets are off because they will continue to surprise you at every turn.

If you're a creative person, a maker, I hope you have the opportunity sometime to be in a creative incubator like I am.


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