Saturday, March 19, 2016

2016-03-12 - Saturday - Muddy Fun and kiln firing

Saturday was a busy day. We had Muddy Fun at Clayworks and Kim fired the gas kiln while I shadowed her. Kim is leaving soon to move back to Indiana and I need to learn the firing process so I can fire the kiln when I need to.

Muddy fun as a big hit and Angela led it wonderfully. As always, I was surprised how some people just take to clay and make decent pots on their first outing.

After the Muddy Fun class, I made a snorkel pot during the firing since we only had to check the kiln every hour.

It's Muddy Fun!

Snorkel pot.

The kiln is finished.
We are not to the preset temperature, but cone 10 is soft,
so it's time to shut it down.

Kim keeps good notes.

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