Thursday, November 13, 2014

2014-11-13 - Thursday - MAJOR catch-up Part 1

Once again, the months have sped by without me posting here.  I'm going to try the quickest update yet.  Hold on and don't blink.

August 27 raku
On August 27 we had a community raku firing.  Good stuff.

Yard Art Day
On Labor Day (September 1) I put pots in the yard and threw some to celebrate Yard Art Day.

Son of Glaze-a-thon II
On September 2 I glazed lots of pots.

Fired pots
On September 11 I helped unload the kiln and got my pots back.

Salt firing
On September 16 we fired the salt/soda kiln.

Wet pots
On September 17 I made more pots.

Unloading salt kiln
On September 18 we unloaded the salt/soda kiln.

During this time I made pots, took photos of sunsets, made more pots, installed a new dining room light, made still more pots, glazed some pots, and generally lived.

Carolina Clay Matters Fall 2014 Pottery Festival
(formerly known as the barn sale)
October 11 was the CCM pottery festival and much like the spring show, we got drenched at the end.

On October 15 I completed my first set of stacking bowls for my friend Stan to give as a wedding gift.  Stan and I attended high school together about a million years ago and we have reconnected on Facebook.  If you have a chance, check out Stan's website.  He's a very good photographer.

On October 18 I joined the 3H Market at Ballantyne Village.  It's a very nice group of people who do all kinds of crafts and food.

Watch for Part 2 of the catch-up.



Penni said...

I love the colors in your work! Checked out Stan's website, some major names there! He's done quite well and his photography is great. So good to see that!

jbf said...

Thanks! Yes, Stan's work is very impressive. Did you check out his blog? He has some interesting stories about his photos.

Penni said...

No I didn't read his blog but I will, thanks!