Wednesday, November 26, 2014

2014-11-15 - Saturday - Clayworks fundraiser

Saturday was the annual Clayworks fundraiser.  An Evening of Earth & Fire was hosted for the second year by Elder Gallery thanks to Larry Elder's generosity.

It was a fine night with lots of people in attendance.  There was a lot of beautiful donated artwork in the silent auction and it sold well.  Thanks to all the generous donations and bidding Clayworks will be funded another year.

Afterwards several of us went to Akahana Asian Bistro for a late supper.

A good night.

Gary Knight (our board chair), Larry Elder (gallery owner),
and Adrienne Dellinger (our executive director).

After the bidding.

Me, Ju-Ian Shen, Rob Russell, Susan Hughes,
Kimberly Tyrrell, Adrienne Dellinger, Greg Scott,
and Rich Meredith at Akahana Asian Bistro.


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