Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2014-11-18 - Tuesday - MAJOR Catch-up Part 4

More catch-up...

November 3 - Binkley's trip to the vet.

He's fine, just wanted to check on his hip problems and get some advice.  At thirteen he's doing very well with a lot of energy but has some hip problems.  He loves to put his nose out the window for the 2.5 mile trip.

November 5 - Pots from the church.

On November 2 I threw pots at the Light of Christ United Methodist Church during the service.  My friend Roger asked me to fill in for him since he was not feeling well.  It was a great experience since it took me out of my comfort zone and the folks at the church were wonderful.  On November 5 I trimmed the pots.

November 6 - Fired pots.

I got my pots back from the recent firing.

Fired pots

November 8 - Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center sale.

I participated again in the second year of the sale and had a really nice time and a good day.

My booth.

Hey, there's a single red leaf.

Yup, it is the only one.

Sunset on the ITCAC.

More impressionism across the street.

Sunset a few moments later.  Nice.



Penni said...

What did you mean about throwing pots during the church service? Sounds interesting!
Glad Binkley's doing good!

jbf said...

The church hired me to throw pots during the Sunday service. The sermon was about God being a potter and making each of us different so the pastor asked me to make different shapes. It was a really good experience with some very nice people.