Saturday, November 15, 2014

2014-11-14 - Friday - MAJOR Catch-up Part 2

More speed-blogging to catch up to the present.

Spider housing

On October 10 I grabbed this video of a really nice spider web on the front porch.

Here's another favorite photo:

On October 19 Karen and I went to Asheville for a couple of days.  She had a planning retreat for work and I was her plus one.  We enjoyed our stay at the Grand Bohemian Hotel and Greg (another plus one) and I went out to see the sights.

Before we left I saw this shadow of
a steel sculpture we have in the back yard.


Turns out it was from the floor lamp
Karen was using in the hotel room.
I try to be receptive of light and shadows that I might otherwise miss.

October 20

View out the hotel room window at 7:45 am.

Greg and I went to visit Akira Satake to pick up his donated piece for Clayworks annual fundraiser, An Evening of Earth & Fire.  It's always fun to talk to Akira about his art and it was amazing to see so much of his work in one place.  I was so overwhelmed I forgot to take a photo of the other 75% of the room which was filled with his work.

An Evening of Earth & Fire postcard on Akira's refrigerator.

Greg and Akira discussing one of his latest pieces.

October 21 trip to the park

Sculpture in the hotel courtyard.

Autumn stream.

Anglers in the catch and release section.


Country path.

Greg and I took a drive out to the North Mills River Campground to get some autumn photos.

We had just arrived at the park and were standing on a bridge when a volunteer fireman drove up in a pickup truck and asked if we called 911.  We said no, he got on his radio, and drove up one of the roads.

Not two minutes later another volunteer drove up and asked if we knew where the sick person was. We said, "No, but another guy went up that road there."  He said, "Ok, I'll go up this other road."

About three minutes after that an ambulance pulled up and asked where to go.  We told them where the first and second guy went and they chose a third road to go searching.

Five minutes later a sheriff's officer pulled up and we told him where everyone had gone.  He thanked us and drove away the way the ambulance went.

I guess it was good timing that we were there to let everyone know where everyone else was going.

We took more photos and soon it was time to head back to the hotel for lunch.  As we were driving out of the park we heard the helicopter coming in.  Someone was having some major problems and I hope they got the help they needed.

After lunch we took a walk around the hotel and took many photos of a nearby church.  I have so many favorites that I am going to have to make a separate post for them.

Next, it was on to the Biltmore Winery for a tour, wine tasting, and then dinner.  Good stuff.

Shadow on the ceiling of the
hotel room through the plantation shutters.
Reminds me of an apartment building.

After the winery tour but before dinner.
Did I mention it was a beautiful autumn day?


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Beautiful autumn photos! We are having winter here!