Thursday, July 10, 2014

2014-07-08 - Tuesday - Blood, sweat, and ferns

Tuesday I repaired the tiller, and luckily it was a quick fix.  I broke up the chunks from yesterday, added 400 lbs of topsoil and 4 bags of mushroom compost, and tilled it all in.

I planted the nandinas after chopping out several maple tree roots.  I had to work around the larger roots which were as thick as my arm.  I then planted the ferns from the plant rescue, and some lenten roses from friends.  Once that was done I top-dressed it with some partially composted hardwood mulch that has been in the yard for a couple of years.  Rich stuff.

The temperature was 78 F when I started and it was 93 F when I finished.  If we sweat out our toxins I believe I am currently toxin-free.

I'm sad to report that the dogwood did not make it.  I think I am just not supposed to have a dogwood tree.

While cooling down before heading inside, I snapped a photo of the callow lily by the raised garden beds and the boardwalk I put between the beds.  On Saturday I ripped an old section of dog eared fence to make the walk.

I really need to plant more of these.

The boardwalk to nowhere.


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