Thursday, July 24, 2014

2014-07-12 - Saturday - Pots and Chroma

Saturday I spent about four hours at Clayworks where I made a two-piece pot and some crackled pots.  It was a good studio day.

Crackle close-up.

Different pot, different crackle.

I heard about Greg Scott's opening at UNCC Center City at the last minute and decided I needed to go.  Chroma is an exhibit of two 2D artists, Linda Luise Brown and Marge Loudon Moody, Greg Scott as a 3D artist, and Dan Knight played an original piano piece for the opening.

Each artist gave a short talk about their art and their methods which I found very interesting.  Mr. Knight's music was wonderful and he explained afterward that he was planning on going a different way with it, but did something else once he started playing.

Greg had a similar experience with this show as he also had to make some last-minute changes on Saturday afternoon due to a kiln mishap.  His work showed very well even with the changes and he has the coveted real estate in the front window of the building.

I highly recommend seeing this if you are in the area.  All the pieces in this collection have different styles but overlap on their color palette.  It's quite striking and will be on display until September 24, 2014.

Dan Knight plays during the slideshow.

Greg giving his talk about his art.


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