Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday - Throwing and Greg's glazing

Thursday I let my pot from Wednesday dry some while I threw some craggy crunch and watched Greg glaze some of the awards he was making for the Museum Mile race.

I tried to throw a really large pot and made a one-piece 14-inch cylinder only to crash it and make a small bottle from what was left on the wheel.  You're not pushing your boundaries if you don't crash a few pots.  I like to push things.

Thrown pot placed on
top of a thrown doughnut.

Greg's awards in process.

Greg adds more glaze layers.

My 14 inch cylinder before the collapse.

Greg spraying glaze.

My bottle from the remnants.

Loading the awards and placing glass on them..



Max said...

Sorry about the cylindar, but the remains of the day looks good. Greg is using the blown glass for a "clear" glaze?

jbf said...

Pots happen --or they don't. :8^)

Greg often adds some glass to his handles to give the glazes some movement and "juiciness". This time he had shards of hand blown glasses.