Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday - Raku firing

Saturday Clayworks held a raku fundraiser at the lovely home of our friend and board member Jaime.  We did a raku firing, had wheel demos, food, beverages, and lots of sunshine after a morning of rain.

A big thanks to all our great volunteers.  Angela did wheel demos after already teaching a morning Muddy Fun session, Ann made lots of delicious treats, Mary-Ann kept everyone well fed and beveraged, Becky helped fire the raku, Kym took pictures, Jaime was a great hostess, and I'm not sure who else was involved since I was tied up with the firing (so if I've forgotten anyone, I apologize).  We have great volunteers.

A big thanks also to Jaime and Steve for opening their home to a bunch of crazy artists for the afternoon!

Jaime also did a great job glazing the pots with me last week.  Despite the breezy conditions, it was a good firing with several beautiful pieces.  The pots cooled off very quickly due to the breeze, so we could handle the finished pieces sooner than usual.

After the fundraiser, I went over to the Art Walk on Kings Drive to see Greg.  Due to the high winds, the tent carnage at the show was horrible.  There were Gators driving by every few minutes with the mangled skeletons of tents piled in the beds.  Artists were holding down their tents with the weight of their own bodies added to the cinder blocks or concrete-filled pipes --or both.

Before I arrived, Greg lost a few teapots when a big gust whipped through.  Luckily he had several people in his booth when it hit and they all grabbed shelves before they toppled.

Not a good booth day for the squeamish, or the novice...

Adrienne explaining the raku process.

Our "double-header" tank rig.

Reduction cans waiting.

Jaime, our hostess (middle).

A buyer with her chosen pot.

Guys can make anything look like a bar.
(That's Steve on the right.)

Angela busy throwing beautiful pots.

Quite a spread of goodies (sorry about the blurry picture).
(I like Ann's "ghost" in the mirror.)

Some of the finished pots.


Still more.

Dot and Becky looking at the two newest ones.

From top to bottom:
The kiln, the base, the burner.

Greg Scott at his (totally secured) booth.

The view down the walkway.


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