Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday - Clayworks Spring Sale

Friday was the Spring sale at Clayworks.  There were scads of great pieces for sale and I wanted to buy lots of them, but finances would not allow it so I just enjoyed looking.

As with recent past sales, I volunteered to demo during the event.  I am honored that they continue to allow me to do it.  I have so much fun talking to people while throwing pots that I'm surprised it's legal.  I get a lot of routine questions and some unexpected ones.  I get to joke with people and make toddlers act shy.  I get to be goofy and to seriously discuss the ceramic process.

I also have one or two people at each sale that just stay and watch, ask probing questions, and drink in the experience.

I'm pretty sure those people will be back.

I know I will --every chance I get.

My work from the demo.


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