Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday - Great gloaming

When I came home Thursday I was struck by the beauty of the light as I turned into my driveway.  I ran in to get my camera and while I was gone I missed some of the light I was trying to capture.  The sun moves fast this time of year, but I managed to capture a few keepers.  Then I just wandered around the yard, camera in hand.

Great Spring light

Everything is a riot of blooms.

Landscapes are getting lush.

More neighbor's blooms.

Full view.

I just found out my camera will choose one color to highlight.

Nice, big ant hill.

Nice, big branches came down in the storm.



Max said...

Great captures for the day, friend. And thanks for your volunteer "work" at CW's too.

penni said...

What a beautiful neighborhood you live in! I miss the azaelas (spelling??) so much. They do not grow out here.

jbf said...

Thanks. High praise from the master.

It's a pretty typical neighborhood here. I think you have been in CO too long and have forgotten how lush it is here in the southeast. :8^)

What you don't see is all the pollen in the air.