Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010-01-30 Saturdy - Sleet day

We had a sleet storm last night and into this morning so we're chillin' at home today.  Stephanie and Meredith couldn't wait to get out and see how the sledding was.  Turns out it was mediocre at best.  Sleet just isn't as slippery as snow and they were quickly bored with it.  Which meant only one thing:  Go inside and start hammering dad to make breakfast.  A few chocolate chip pancakes later, everyone was happy again.  (I had plain pancakes --I can't abide the thought of chocolate chips for breakfast.)

It's been a nice day to stay warm inside and let the world go by without you for a while.

Lining up in the driveway.

Making a proclamation
about this being the best ride ever.

Get ready, Meredith!

Oh!  Off into the weeds.

Back up the "hill".

Checking out the local flora.

 Stephanie's turn.

This ride degenerated into circles and I coudn't wait it out.
You might notice the camera shaking because I was shivering.
(I was outside in my flannels and slippers.)


Amy said...

great pics! yes, I too enjoyed staying home and watching the world go by.... said...

We had the same thing going on at our house yesterday, but we got the perfect snow here for sledding finally. We usually get that wet sleety stuff that's no good for the sled.Our last year in Charlotte was during that huge ice storm and we had great sledding then too.

jbf said...

It was a nice day to slow down.

I do miss getting actual snow instead of our usual mess. Glad you got some sledding time.